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How to Register Residential Lease Contracts

As of 1st January 2020, homeowners must register their lease contracts for primary residential purposes with the Housing Authority within ten days from the commencement of the lease. Find out how to carry out this process in a couple of easy steps below! This Act is relevant for lease contracts (for a primary residential purpose)…

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Five of the most popular furniture styles Island Properties

Five of the Most Popular Furniture Styles

Do you have a soft spot for furniture, but also have some doubts about which style is right for you? Not to worry. Here’s a list of the most popular furniture styles which will send you in the right direction. 1. Modern Modernity is a concept which includes a precise style that aims to propose…

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konvenju explained malta island properties

The ‘Konvenju’ Explained

In Malta, when a purchaser has decided on a property and the price has been verbally agreed, a legally binding agreement is drawn up by a Notary where both parties meet and sign it. This is known as the ‘Konvenju’ and is often referred to as a Promise of Sale or Preliminary Agreement. It is…

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Apartment Sharing Services

The Hospitality Service – Apartment Sharing in Malta

At Island Properties, we’re now offering apartment sharing services to our clientele. The apartment sharing service aims to tackle the hectic Maltese property market. With the prices of one bedroom apartments in centrally or metropolitan located areas reaching new heights annually, finding an apartment close to work, school, and other amenities may be daunting. Therefore,…

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XMAS Food Drive 2018 at Island Properties

Help Feed a Family This Christmas

This year, Island Properties are collecting non perishable food items to lend a hand to families in need. Last year, ‘Help feed a family this Christmas‘ collected enough food to feed 500 families across Malta and Gozo and this year, they’re back again and setting the bar even higher! Here’s how you can help! To…

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Flat Sharing

Flat Sharing: The Pros and the Cons

At Island Properties, we understand that the Maltese property market can be a crazy scene. With soaring prices for studio and one-bedroom apartments in central and metropolitan areas, finding a property in Malta is overwhelming. So, in order to help our clients tackle this problem, Island Properties now offer flat sharing services in centrally located…

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A Guide to Property Pricing

If you’re contemplating selling your rental property or even thinking of buying the property you’re currently renting out, the first question that may arise is often, “How much should I sell it for in order to have made an investment?” or “How much should I offer the owner in order to have placed a fair…

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AIP Island Properties Malta

The AIP Permit for Non-Residents in Malta

If you’re a non-resident interested in purchasing a property in Malta, there are a number of small, yet important requirements which non-residents need to comply with. Non-EU/Malta residents who wish to acquire property in Malta must obtain a permit for the acquisition of immovable property (AIP). This permit allows non-residents to purchase property in Malta,…

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What is the Individual Investor Programme

What is the Individual Investor Programme?

The Individual Investor Programme is designed to attract talented, enterprising and business-connected applicants to the Maltese Islands. This is the first citizenship programme in the European Union to be recognized by the European Commission. To apply, applicants must pass through a diligent process in order to ensure that only legitimate and trustworthy applicants acquire Maltese…

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solhop airport transfer service

Solhop: Airport Transfer Service

If you’re after a reliable private taxi and minibus airport transfer service, look no further than Solhop. As a traveller, it’s important to feel confident that the airport transfer service of your choice will be there on time and that you’ll never be late. This is why Solhop targets international travellers who demand the very…

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