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Island Properties joins the Estate Agents Section

What is the Estate Agents Section?

Last February, Island Properties joined a team of around 70 other local estate agent offices to form the Estate Agents Section (EAS) within the Malta Developers’ Association (MDA). This new division, formed by the MDA, aims to bring together all those who operate an estate, letting or managerial agency in immovable property in Malta.

What are the roles of the Estate Agents Section?

The Estate Agents Section was formed in order to reach the high standards and the need for professionalism required in the constantly changing and growing property market. The division ensures that knowledge is always available and accessible so as to aid the day-to-day procedures of agencies. Besides this, it aims to improve the level of services presented to the public. Due to the increase in property values, the EAS aims to push those interested in investing in Maltese property through a range of methods, including the IIP, towards high-end real estate. To do this, the division supports the relationship between estate agents and the construction sector, as well as those with any other relevant businesses.

It’s important that all estate agencies follow suit to be under the MDA’s guidance and support. This is because the EAS acts as an intermediary which works to protects the general and special interests of members and ensures that legislation and regulations won’t harm their well-being. Also, it’s a way to represent the real estate industry on any boards, bodies, entities, councils, or other associations, whether it’s appointed by government or private enterprise.

With the current state of the local real estate market and it’s positive impact on the local economy, there’s a need for a high level of professionalism. This is why, above all else, the Estate Agents Section is working towards providing crucial information to estate agents which, in turn, guarantee the best standard of service to the general public.

For more information regarding the Estate Agents Section, click here to access the MDA’s official website.

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