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Five of the most popular furniture styles Island Properties

Five of the Most Popular Furniture Styles

Do you have a soft spot for furniture, but also have some doubts about which style is right for you? Not to worry. Here’s a list of the most popular furniture styles which will send you in the right direction.

1. Modern

Photo by ROOM on Unsplash

Modernity is a concept which includes a precise style that aims to propose a new way of perceiving the house. The division of space is often determined by the brightness and practicality surrounding cleaning and daily use.

The term ‘modern’ is an extremely broad design term that generally refers to a space with clean and sharp lines, a simple palette of colours and the use of materials such as metal, glass and steel. There is also a wide use of white, which is often combined with other neutral shades such as grey or beige.

The modern design utilises a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture and the use of fabrics, such as curtains and rugs, with an overall framework of order, concreteness and formal clarity.

2. Contemporary

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

This style is a bit difficult to define since it is subject to continuous evolutions dictated by the time one is living. In general, it seeks to obtain a certain element of cleanliness in the furnishings with the use of precise lines and angles. It is a style of interior decor that prefers neutral and simple design elements with smooth and elegant surfaces.

The contemporary style is identified by rooms decorated in a minimal style, particularly bright and spacious, whilst remaining welcoming. In this style, there is no room for refined details. Instead, it uses a combination of simple lines, neutral colours and iconic design, which becomes the focal point of the space. Furniture of this style often features compact pieces, simple colours and pieces with transformability and adaptation capabilities. This style also shifts its focus onto energy-saving pieces and designs. 

Although it resembles the modern style, the contemporary design is more fluid and so, has less adherence to a particular fixed style. For example, the contemporary style may include curved lines, while modern design may not.

3. Classical

Among all the furnishing styles, this one is the one with the highest guarantee of elegance. The classical style has the ability to make the rooms warmer and more welcoming, thanks to the presence of different accessories and trinkets. This style is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to give the rooms of their home unmistakable character without going overboard.

Classical furniture is often made out of wood and uses sinuous shapes. Rooms of a classical style often feature an upholstered sofa, marble or parquet flooring, and cream or dark coloured walls in the case of a light-coloured floor. Often, showcases are used to display silverware and porcelain knick-knacks. Sometimes, one can find precious furnishings with details of gold, silver and porcelain. As for lighting pieces, one can often find hand-made chandeliers, usually made out of crystal, lampshades which feature fine fabrics and wall lamps. Curtains are another feature of the classical style. Curtains are often draped and made out of silk, velvet or brocade, which contribute to refining the atmosphere of the room. 

However, the classical style is often recreated in many different ways and can even be revisited in a modern or luxurious manner. It all depends on your preference.

4. Industrial

Try to visualise a stereotypical New Yorker’s loft in the trendiest TV series. That’s the industrial style.

In the industrial style of interior decor, there is a sense of unfinished crudeness in many aspects of the environment. The beauty of the industrial style is that it always works, even in association with other furniture.

Exposed bricks, black leather sofas, large windows, old wood finishings and metallic pendant lamps are all characteristics of the industrial style. There may often be one or two pieces of abstract art or photography to add a touch of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme. This is capable of turning a space into one with an eclectic and vintage vibe.

Think about chromatic finishes, raw materials and large walls left rugged (yet still have a touch of elegance and vitality). This style is rich in recycled objects and plants placed in all the right spots.

5. Vintage

The vintage style is one which is proving to remain current. The vintage style will always be there and will continue to evolve over the years. It is a style with many aspects that can exist in many different ways. Nowadays, almost everything may fall under the category of ‘vintage’ and therefore, it’s difficult to determine which piece of furniture belongs to the category. Let’s just say that all the furnishings that belonged to a particular time period is considered to be vintage.

The vintage style can be categorised into interior decor styles from the 1920s onwards. This style gives you and your home the experience stepping back in time with results that cannot be replicated elsewhere. 

The best starting point for any interior design project is learning from different styles. If you still can’t figure out which style is for you, remember that there’s always the option to mix and match and find a style that’s customisable to you! 

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