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Flat Sharing: The Pros and the Cons

At Island Properties, we understand that the Maltese property market can be a crazy scene. With soaring prices for studio and one-bedroom apartments in central and metropolitan areas, finding a property in Malta is overwhelming. So, in order to help our clients tackle this problem, Island Properties now offer flat sharing services in centrally located areas such as Gzira, Msida and Swieqi.

However, if you’re uncertain on whether flat sharing is right for you, we’ve gathered a small list of pros and cons that’ll help you decide.

Disadvantages of Flat Sharing

The most obvious disadvantage of living with flatmates is that you have to be ready to do without certain parts of your privacy. Having people around you constantly can become stressful because you need to work around their tasks and activities (and them around yours).

Also, living with others means that rules are involved. Simple rules such as keeping common areas clean, keeping the noise down and not throwing large social events (without the consent of your flatmates) are all things you should keep in mind. This, however, falls down to having respect for your house or flatmates. Since your space is shared, you’d need to remember to respect others.

Cleanliness may be one of the biggest disadvantages of a shared apartment. You may find yourself cleaning the mess produced by your flatmates more often than you would’ve thought. This can be a huge issue if you’re a person who needs everything clean and tidy at all times.

Advantages of Flat Sharing

Despite the disadvantages, there are plenty of advantages involved with flat sharing.

The primary reason that most people choose to flatshare is simple-costs are a lot cheaper! By splitting living costs, people who can only afford to live in small studios in the city outskirts can now live in a large, modern apartment in the city centre.

Also, moving to a new country can get a bit lonely, especially when you’re living alone in a flat. Through flat sharing, you’ll be able to meet many new and exciting people from all walks of life. Your flatmates will also be able to teach you the tricks of the locals which will help you feel at home from your first day!

Although keeping the shared apartment clean may be a disadvantage, as mentioned above, living with flatmates may provide a huge advantage in terms of cleanliness. When the flat looks as though it needs a good clean, you’ll always have someone to help you tidy up. Same goes for buying groceries and common household items in the sense that you can always ask your flatmate for a helping hand when carrying out a big supermarket haul.

On the whole, flat sharing all boils down to tolerance and etiquette. If you’re ready to treat your flatmates with respect, then you will receive respect back and living together will be a breeze!

If you think that flat sharing is for you, contact us today to learn more about our competitive flat sharing options. We provide our clients with apartments situated in the prime business and commercial areas of Malta and would be more than happy to accommodate you for as long as you need!

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