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Green building 2020

The Green Buildings 2020 Conference

Last month, Island Properties attended the Green Buildings 2020 conference.

The ‘2020 package‘ discussed includes a set of required legislation in order to ensure that the EU nations meet their climate and energy targets for the year 2020. Within this ‘package’ are three key targets:

  • 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, from those of 1990
  • a 20% of EU energy comes from renewable sources
  • 20% improvement in energy efficiency

Leaders of the EU set these targets in 2007 and enacted them in 2009. They also act as headline targets to ensure smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. Because of this the EU is taking measures to guarantee that these targets are met.

The Green Buildings 2020 Conference

Sandro Chetcuti, President of MDA, began the conference by welcoming the attendants together with a special mention to the ‘Board tal-Benneja’ and the Estate Agents Association.

Following the welcoming speech, Hon. Minister Ian Borg discussed the Green Building trends, the certification of new buildings, the rise in energy efficiency and the ‘net-zero energy’ goals. There were also discussions on existing buildings, stressing on the importance of solar power, water conservation and healthy buildings. ‘Healthy buildings’ refer to those with good air quality, machine control, dust prevention, safety and security, good water quality and ventilation.

In the near future, an energy performance publication regarding regulations will be published together with the legislation.

Eng. Patrick Spiteri Staines followed and stressed the importance of dust control. So-called unhealthy buildings with a lack of direction could be considered to be safety hazards (especially in terms of fires), an annoyance to neighbours and have a negative impact on the natural environment.

Green buildings will have a positive impact on the environment and its interests. Minister, Hon. Jose Herrera touched on the green footprint and sustainable buildings integrating with the natural environment. Green buildings will also go through a public consultation. The positive impacts mentioned will include higher levels of renewable energy and waste management on building sites. Rather than being a ‘quick buck,’ the Minister stated that growth in this area should be a way forward, thinking of long-term goals.

To close off the conference, the M.D.A. thanked all the members for the continuous support.

For more information regarding the Green Buildings 2020 scheme, feel free to contact us at or +356 2033 4455.

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