Malta Property Investment

Property Investment in Malta

“There are many properties to be found in Malta & Gozo, yet, because of demand, real estate ans property investment in Malta is extremely secure and constantly shows unwavering expansion. Top class properties continue to be developed.”

“Our sales agents will help you make an informed choice to meet your goals whether it’s to buy a second home, a ‘buy to let’ property, or your main residence in Malta or Gozo.”


A Sound Property Investment in Malta

Very strong and cautious banking principles coupled with the tendency of Maltese people to invest in property, has ensured that Malta is amongst the very few European countries whose real estate market has barely been impacted by the Financial Crisis. It is the fundamental reason that the real estate market in Malta did not suffer a collapse and is unlikely to do so in the future.


Property Accessibility

Whether you want to buy or rent in Malta or Gozo, the market presents a vast choice of properties to suit all budgets and requirements. The price obviously depends on the area and kind of property desired. Our new website provides a huge choice of listings to enable you to compare prices and understand the price per size per location formula.


Malta Property Investment

Becoming a Tenant

The Global Residence Program presents unique economic benefits essential to anyone considering relocating to Malta. It is currently offered to Non-European Nationals only. In order to benefit from this program, the applicant must either purchase a property in Malta or Gozo or else lease a property on either Malta or Gozo. Please feel free to ask for more details.


Why become a Resident?

Besides the applicant benefiting from the Maltese lifestyle, the applicant may apply for an extraordinary 15% income tax status. This is calculated on the income attained in Malta, with a minimum threshold of €15,000. We can put you in touch with an authorised consultant who will guide you on the criteria and formalities with regards to the schemes you are entitled to.



Climate and Food

Malta has a wonderful Mediterranean summer, which is typically quite hot and dry, followed by a mild autumn, which is mostly dry as well as very short and cool winters. This is obviously extremely attractive to people accustomed to residing in wet and sub-zero climates. Many people fall in love with Malta thanks to its beautiful beaches, which are never far away. There is no shortage of entertainment and gastronomic culture is reflected in a large number of excellent restaurants.



Although quite small, Malta has several luxury hotels that provide accommodation to your family and friends who may choose to pay you a visit. Maltese people are warm friendly and practically everyone speaks English given the fact that it was a British colony.


More Reasons to Choose Malta

  • Sunshine available for more than 315 days a year.
  • Friendly people who speak English make residing in Malta and conducting international business attractive.
  • Malta is amongst the top global scuba diving and sailing sites.
  • A safe country with minimal crime, high standards of living and serene surroundings


Malta Retirement Benefit Scheme

Island Properties Retire in Malta

Malta with its breathtaking landscape and medical services is an ideal place for retirees, regardless of their age. This led the Maltese government to launch the Malta Retirement Program. This meets the needs of many EEA, EU or Swiss nationals whose annuity is significantly generated from pensions, retirement schemes, and temporary or lifetime allowances. Feel free to get in touch to learn more about this scheme.


Highly Qualified Professionals income tax scheme


In 2011, the Maltese government introduced a new tax scheme aimed at highly qualified individuals which enables people working for an ‘eligible office’ who make earnings in Malta, to qualify for a standard rate of 15% on their income from employment, rather than the 35% progressive tax rate afforded to locals.

The idea behind this scheme is to attract expatriates working in specialised industries to relocate to Malta and carry on increasing the attraction of Malta as a centre of excellence.

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