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The Ultimate Guide To : Living Room Design

The living room is the most important room in your property. It’s a place for yourself, your family and friends, and the room where you spend most of your time when you’re home. So it is important to decorate it so that you and your guests feel good. This article will give you some helpful decoration styles and suggestions for decorating your home, whether you prefer the modern, bohemian or cottage style.

Bohemian style

In boho-chic style you’ll find bold colors and a variety of textures and patterns. For a welcoming and friendly place use a mix of warm and cool tones. To finish the bohemian style use unconventional decorating like hanging artwork higher as you would
usually do or using a wall of the room for a gallery which helps to create an unexpected and refreshing place.

Decoration Styles

Coastal style

If you have a good eye and feel for nature you might like the coastal style because using the colors of the coast strategically is easy to do. Combining sandy tones with sea blue can create a calming effect. Use driftwood instead of sculptures or artworks to decorate your living room. Your furniture should be angled so that the views can be admired and enjoyed even if you don’t live on the coast.

Decoration Styles

Contemporary style

To create a lovely base colour in your living room use neutral tones and clean lines. This style embraces linear structure and order so your furniture should be arranged in this manner. The most important thing for the contemporary style is plenty of white space and a well-edited collection. Less is more.

Decoration Styles

Cottage style

For the cottage style you should use bright pastel colors and plenty of leeway. Using whitewashed plank walls and plush, light natural details and neutral upholstered furniture pieces will complete your cottage living room. To create a relaxed and comfortable living room it is important to use a mix of indoor-outdoor pieces, for example a sofa with a wooden bench, floral and throw pillows.

Decoration Styles

Eclectic style

It’s a tightrope walk decorating your living room with plenty of personality without looking cramped. Using similarly scaled furniture provides balance and proportion for your eclectic living room. Also using mixed pieces with similar details like tufting on the sofa and upholstered ottoman creates cohesion without being too cliche.

Decoration Styles

French style

The french style tends to incorporate a mix of bolder and more subdued tones, neutrals and patterns. Using curvy furniture backs and legs balance out more stately pieces makes your french style complete. To top your living room choose some pillows with ruffles or some wooden pieces. You can also arrange some furniture at an angle so as to fully complete the look!

Decoration Styles

Industrial style

The industrial style uses neutral tones and plenty of neutral grey and wood tones. Typically it includes a large contemporary sectional sofa in neutral tones. Incorporating textural poufs and lighting through the use of interesting lines are just some options to create your personal industrial style. Using worn leather makes your living room even more inviting!

Decoration Styles

Mid-Century modern style

The most important for mid-century modern style are wood paneled walls and hallmark lounge chairs besides a built-in bench sofa which gives off impressive style. Another way to create the mid-century modern style is to space out some mid-century chairs across a low coffee table. Just use simple accessories which can also be personal to add a modern touch.

Decoration Styles

Minimalist style

It’s very easy to create the minimalist style. Use less furniture than usual and use a minimum amount of items. The minimalist style use simple and straightforward lines and fewer but larger artworks or wall decorations. The key is basic lighting fixture silhouettes.

Decoration Styles

Moroccan style

The traditional colours of the Moroccan style are warm reds, oranges and yellows. Using architectural features like arches, exposed wooden ceiling beams or cupboard door grids are typical for the Moroccans. But it does not mean you have to color the whole room in those warm colours. You can also use just small doses of colour to create an inviting room.

Decoration Styles

Rustic style

To create the rustic style it is important to use lots of wooden pieces. They can be distressed or antique wood finishes. Complete the style with some textural textiles like burlap or linen and use comfortable upholstered pieces to sink in and relax for a while.
Decoration Styles

Spanish style

Use arched windows and doorways and built-in bookcases with arched details. To keep the Spanish style alive use wrought-iron light that gives you the feel of the Spanish lifestyle. Typical for this style are white or ivory walls to emphasize exposed wood ceiling beams.

Decoration Styles

Scandinavian style

Using simple furniture placed in the room is typical for the Scandinavian style. Add white walls, clean lines and well-edited accessories and artwork to complete that style. Just focus on making each piece play an important role in its own right. Use simple lighting and interesting legged furniture. If you’d like you can use some plants to create an inviting room.

Decoration Styles

Traditional style

Use a lovely blend of mouldings for example ceiling, chair rails and fireplace. Plenty of luxury-looking upholstered furniture is typical. Create some separate conversation stations to complete the style and make it looks friendlier.

Decoration Styles

Tropical style

To create a tropical living room just use fronds and palms and add some immediate colors. To feel the tropical lifestyle use light fabrics or materials for your furniture, for example wicker. Use some earth-toned colors and a pair of clay-colored lamps and some yellow throw pillows to really bring out that tropical vibe!

Decoration Styles

Tuscan style

To create the Tuscan style use warm and bronze color tones, plush furnishings, and ornate details. If you want to decorate with wood it should be medium to dark. A good idea is to always have rugs which match the room’s style.

Decoration Styles


Vintage style

For the vintage style use vintage pieces. It tends to emit an approachable, relaxed atmosphere because of the imperfection of mismatching pieces. Use a loose color palette to keep order within the space. To balance out the room use natural light and white walls with vintage details.

Decoration Styles

Now that you’ve figured out the different styles go crazy and revamp your living room!

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