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MTA Standard Requirements for Holiday Apartments

Standards of letting property in Malta

When people are renting in Malta, they want a place where they feel safe, comfortable and at home. It’s important to prepare the property in Malta up to the standards of Maltese legislation. Below you will find a guideline of some standards and less common-known regulations.


Single beds should be a minimum of 85x190cm and double beds 135x190cm. Mattresses and pillows must be covered with a sheet; and a cover, blanket and pillow  per person must be provided. The room should be furnished with a dressing table and chair, a mirror and a bedside reading light. A cot should be available on request.


The kitchen needs to be fully equipped with a standard of two hob burners and a 140ltr refrigerator with at least 10% freezer space. Table service and kitchen utensils should be provided, including the following list:

A kettle, casserole dish, frying pan, one big spoon and one skimming spoon, cooking tongs, a colander, a tea strainer, a can-opener, a cork-screw and (of course) a bottle opener.

Safety is highly important in the kitchen; provide your guests with a first aid box (properly kitted), a fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

Living and Dining

Natural light should be flowing into this room through a window or balcony door, also allowing in fresh air. The furniture for this room needs to include a dining table with enough chairs for each of the guests, a sofa or armchairs and a coffee table.


Bathroom walls must be covered with impervious material or tiled. Bathrooms need to be fitted with standard furniture and include the following: a mirror, a waste bin and a shower mat. After arrival, each guest should be presented with two rolls of toilet paper and two towels (hands and bath) which should be changed once a week.

Health and Safety

When letting property in Malta it’s important to be up to standard with the requirements for health and safety. The building and anything inside must be in a good state with little or no wear and tear. Cleaning should be evident throughout the premises and must be cleaned at least once a week or after check-out of any customers. The rooms need to be well ventilated; and a heater or fan should be provided when applicable. A minimum of one bathroom per six people is compulsory.  The premises must be fitted with emergency exit signs and lighting in working condition. All smoke and fire detectors should be provided and checked regularly.


Some other requirements include providing guests with an iron or ironing system, information of services in English and other languages, if possible, and an inventory of furniture, appliances, and cost for replacements should be available. If the premise contains a lift, it is required to provide service for all floors higher than the second floor.


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  1. Hello good morning

    I would like to know if the land lord need to charge water and electric when we are on 10 days on the home holiday?

    and if they charge as how much it is per cubic meter for water and kwh for the electric?

    I hope to hear from you son

    Kind Regards

    • Dear Marta,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us.

      Landlords may charge for water and electricity consumption, even when the lease is just for a couple of days. This all depends on what was negotiated and signed between your good self , the property agent and the landlord himself.

      With regards to the consumption price, best would be to go to the official website, click on Calculate My Bill and you can work out how much you should pay for the consumption consumed.


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