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Energy Performance Certificate

What is the Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate The Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, is a compulsory rating of energy for dwellings and non-dwellings. The concept of this rating is very similar to the labels found on electrical appliances which determine the levels of carbon emitted. There are two ways of rating the energy level, depending on the type…

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Introduction of Property Restoration Grant

”Nikru biex Nassistu” (Rent & Aid) Property Scheme The introduction of a new property restoration grant has been issued by the Malta Housing Authority, with scheme involving the restoration of unused and abandoned buildings. Housing Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes spoke about how this scheme will encourage property owners, that own such properties, to work on their…

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Celebrating Carnival in Malta & Gozo

Carnival in Malta & Gozo   February brings along with it Carnival, one of our archipelago’s oldest festivities. This one harking back to the rule of the Knights of the Order of Saint John. Carnival in Malta and Gozo has taken on a traditional pattern, that of extravagantly coloured floats perched on lorries, processions, children…

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Bank Of Valletta BOV

BOV Home Assist

BOV Home Assist New ‘BOV Home Assist’ loan scheme to further increase the number of eligible applicants. The Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Accommodation in conjunction with Bank of Valletta (BOV) have launched an affordable home loan scheme, the second of its kind after APS launched a similar one in April 2017. This Scheme was set…

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Malta & the Maltese Islands; Facts & Stats

The Maltese Islands were, just a decade ago, best known as a holiday destination. However, over recent years, the country has sought to diversify its economy beyond tourism by promoting a range of sectors and activities. With an area of 316KM2 and a shore line that extends over 200KM2, Malta is the ideal location to…

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Restoration of Properties in Malta Banner

Restoration of Properties in Malta

The Maltese Government has put into action the scheme set out by the Ministry of Justice & Local Government, to restore various properties around the Maltese islands. Local Councils were asked to propose sites in need of restoration, of which they produced 25 different sites. Out of these 25 submissions, 6 of them have been…

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Black Friday Banner

Black Friday Is Here

Thanks to the Internet Black Friday’s savings, insane sales, and massive discounts are easily accessible! No need to deal with aggressive shoppers and the stress of long queues. Just sit back in comfort, switch on your laptop, and shop away; saving money, sorting out Christmas gifts and getting everything delivered right to your door! Although…

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Santa Maria Estates

Malta’s Luxury Real Estate – The North

The Luxury Real Estate in the North The North of Malta, known for its beautiful sandy beaches, stunning sea views and picturesque countryside, is where one can find some of Malta’s luxury real estate. You can find areas that are tranquil and serene, while at the same time, with its ever growing popularity with holidaymakers…

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Short & Long Let Banner

Property To Let in Malta

“Malta packs glorious variety into its small archipelago. You’ll find prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves, thrilling scuba diving and a history of remarkable intensity.” – Lonely Planet. Be it on holiday, or for a more permanent stay like a business venture, a fresh start, or even retirement, Malta is definitely one to visit. That…

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Budget 2018 Banner

Malta Budget 2018 at a Glance

Government pushes to improve supply and quality of housing The 2018 Budget gave special attention to the housing and rental markets, with numerous incentives put in place to bolster supply and increase efficiency. The first-time buyers’ scheme has been extended yet again – those who are buying a property for the first time will benefit…

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