Real Estate Agent Job Opportunity

Real Estate Agent Job Opportunity

Why join our team?

IslandProperties Real Estate Agent Jobs

At Island Properties we make it a point to have a strong team element while giving our real estate agents the freedom to work in their own way. A career in real estate in Malta means you’ve got to have a competitive streak in you and should be ready to work hard. Property in Malta will always be a big market and is currently one of the best areas to work in, so if you’re driven and love rising to a challenge, then this is for you. Apart from the great working environment there’s also the chance to earn quite a bit of money doing something you love. Some veteran agents are making over €45,000 whilst others, still at the infancy of their careers can easily pocket €25,000 or more per year.

Work for yourself, but not alone!

IslandProperties Real Estate Agent Vacancy

Becoming an agent is very different to finding a job and being employed by someone. You’re working with a team of people while also being fully in charge of many aspects of the job. You’re your own boss while still having a team to support you. It’s effectively the gateway to opening your own business venture.

However, there is a noticeable difference between setting up shop by yourself and become a self-employed professional with Island Properties. Being your own boss can put you in a lonely place, at Island Properties we’re in a position to train you and guide you to avoid the hurdles that your direct competitors have been through, sharing our ways and experience to allow you to become successful and achieve your potential. Once you join our team we’ll give you the training, tools, property list, and client list needed to start your journey.

So, are you ready? Work for yourself but not alone! Get in touch by sending your CV on


  1. sabine Kroon

    on said  

    Dear ,
    I am looking for an apartment or small studio for the 20 of may till the 22 of August.

    I am a student from the Netherlands and is doing my internship in Corinthia hotel in St.George bay. I am starting after the weekend of 20 th of May but I still dont have a place to stay. I hope you can help me.

    Kind regards,
    Sabine Kroon


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