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The Expats Have Spoken: Malta Is The #2 Destination In The World.

Ask any Maltese person why living in Malta is so fantastic and they’ll easily name a couple of things off the top of their head. Our pride in our country is clearly evident and our reputation for being friendly, generous, and hospitable is a strong part of our national identity. However, is this just public opinion, or could there be actual facts and figures to prove this? Well, the Expats have spoken.

The numbers show Malta ranking 2nd out of the 67 countries participating in the survey which is targeted towards Expats and is organised annually by InterNations. This is a step up from last year’s 3rd place ranking, showing Malta’s constant improvement! Questions asked are varied and cover everything from climate to cost of living – with Maltese Expats being very satisfied in these two particular areas.

Apart from the favourable climate and cost of living, Malta was also popular with expats due to the various leisure activity options available, the low cost of real estate property, the fact that English is an official language spoken across the island, and the adventurous element the island offers. In short, Malta has it all, coming second only to the booming Taiwan, and easily surpassing most European countries.

Maltese Expats

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