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Village Feasts – Mixing The Old With The New

For a tiny speck in the Med, Malta is truly bursting with life- whether it’s the bustling cosmopolitan areas of Sliema and St.Julians, the baroque beauty of Valletta, or the boisterous village feasts, there truly is something for everyone.

Each village in Malta is known for different customs and traditions, Marsaxlokk has its fish, Qormi has its bread, and Mgarr has its strawberries, but one thing central to life in Malta is the village feast. Every village, no matter how big or small, has at least one village feast, meaning that once a year the streets are filled with colourful decorations and glittering lights.

village feasts

Village feasts started out as a way to celebrate the village’s patron saint, and while still a religious celebration at their core, the feasts have evolved into a showcase of all the village has to offer, with the finest pyrotechnic displays, live marching bands parading through the streets, and a variety of street food. The celebrations last for most of the week, reaching their peak on Saturday night where the ground fireworks display fills the air with crackling bangs as the intricately put together displays whirr and whizz in mesmerising chaotic beauty.

In the cosmopolitan areas of Sliema and St.Julian’s daily life is hardly ever traditionally Maltese, with much of the focus being on the more modern elements of Malta, this being one of the many reasons why people choose to move to the area. Residents enjoy the busy atmosphere the area has, which to some is infinitely better than the slow paced way of life in some of the smaller and more rural villages on the island. However, while Sliema and St.Julian’s do not have many of the stereotypical Maltese traditional elements, they still make sure to go all out when it’s festa time. Pulling all the stops to ensure they have beautiful village feasts. The streets in the area transform and the two towns wear their colours with pride.

village feasts

Tourists flock to the village squares to watch the firework displays, and business booms, with many enjoying a romantic dinner along the seafront as the fireworks explode into the night sky above them. This injection of tradition keeps the Maltese spirit alive, showing that although the area may be a large cultural melting pot, the Maltese love of marching bands, pomp, and spectacle is still ever present- brought to life once a year through the village feasts. However, these villages haven’t forgotten the outside influence which makes them so popular amongst foreign nationals, merging these new cultures with the traditional ones.

village feast

All in all the village feasts are not to be missed, showing that Sliema and St. Julian’s are truly villages which offer it all – from up-market chic, to culturally quaint traditions. If you’re looking for an area to move to then this might just be the place for you. Let us know and we’ll help you find the best property with the best view of all the village fun!

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