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What is the Individual Investor Programme

What is the Individual Investor Programme?

The Individual Investor Programme is designed to attract talented, enterprising and business-connected applicants to the Maltese Islands. This is the first citizenship programme in the European Union to be recognized by the European Commission.

To apply, applicants must pass through a diligent process in order to ensure that only legitimate and trustworthy applicants acquire Maltese citizenship. Also, applications from certain countries including those where international sanctions apply may be declined on the basis of a Government policy decision. In order to see the conditions in order to be eligible for the IIP, visit the following:

The first step in applying for the IIP is to apply for and obtain an E-Residency Card. This card allows the applicant to establish a residency status in Malta. It also allows them to travel freely within the Schengen Area.

The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) may take between six to 24 months to be processed. However, applicants who will have resided in Malta for a minimum period of 12 months or over can take the oath allegiance after just 6 months of their application. Once all requirements have been fulfilled and the Certificate of Naturalisation has been issued, the applicant will be granted a permanent Maltese citizenship.

If for whatever reason, the applicant fails to comply with the requirements as highlighted in the Maltese Citizenship Act and Article 10 of the Legal Notice 47 of 2014, the citizenship granted under the IIP can be revoked. This may be the case in which the applicant fails to lease, purchase and retain a property in Malta or make and retain investments in Malta. It also goes without saying that if the applicant becomes a threat to national security or is involved in conduct that is unjust to vital interests, then the citizenship will be revoked.

Malta has proven itself by offering great opportunities to the applicants of the IIP and their families, including a high standard of living and a strong economy.

The IIP is your chance to be part of Malta’s success story.

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